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Once upon a time I was an avid reader. Life got in the way for a while and I put the books down. A recent change in circumstance means I have more spare time once and I have been bitten by the bug again.

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A reach too far

Killing Floor  - Lee Child

The Jack Reacher books get a lot of praise so I was looking forward to this first full tale having prepared the ground with the 'origin' short story Second Son.


I went into it with my eyes open - it would be an easy read, violent and thrilling with twists and turns that would keep me reading avidly until the end.


Except it was none of those things really.


I don't consider myself a literary snob, but it is true that I read very little from what is considered the mainstream, and never have really. This reminded me of why.


When I say it wasn't an easy read I don't mean because of it's complex prose, I mean because I just couldn't be bothered to read it very often.


The story is ridiculous, the secondary characters paper thin and there is a distinct lack of the expected grit here. It is also littered with outrageous and unbelievable coincidence which, while I won't spoil actual events, I will admit that I found so shockingly bad on one particular occasion that I put the book down in disgust for a good week.


Eventually I got over that and ploughed through to the finish, but it failed to impress me significantly more right up to its hurried and unsatisfying ending.


All that said, I will give the series a second chance at some point, as I have read that the first book is far from the best. We shall see.